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Triad Titanium Bracelets

The Pinnacle Sports Triad Titanium bracelets are fashion accessories that anyone can wear. You don't need to be a baseball player or even an athlete. Our bracelets are worn by people every day just to match a specific outfit because they come in such a variety of colors. With over 15 colors to choose from its easy to see why we sell so many. Many people wear multiple colors at the same time. Wear two or three to create a specific team color of your choice. Whether to show your support for the team you play on or just to show your professional team color preference they are an inexpensive way to make a statement. Popular colors like royal blue, navy blue, red, white, pink, university blue, forest green, kelly green, purple, maroon, yellow, orange, black, and a few others we are sure to have the color or colors of your favorite team. Made of a nylon outer shell with a silicone inner shell made from silicone, titanium and germanium our bands are fashionable and made with care. We recommend them to be worn by men or women and children over the age of ten years. Each bracelet has our trademarked Pinnacle Sports logo sewn directly into the nylon outer shell. They are a great item that can be used as a fund raising item. Have your players, parents and fans wear the same color combination to show support for your team.

Though there is no scientific proof that titanium and germanium have any healing powers or can add to your energy levels it is believed by people who use holistic healing methods that products with these ingredients can help the wearer to have these positive effects. We don't make any specific claims about the ability of our Triad Titanium bands to offer any health benefits We do ask any of our customers who feel that they did receive some positive results to let us know so we can record this information for our records.