Training Bats

Pinnacle Sports Baseball / Softball Training Bats


Use the one hand trainer bats for top or bottom hand training. Hit off a tee into a net or have a partner soft toss for you. Either way this inexpensive tool will give you consistent performance all season long. Also doubles as a glove pounder to break in your new baseball or softball glove. Available in three popular team colors: Black, Red or Royal. When you're not hitting with it you can use it to break in your favorite glove as well. Just put a small amount of glove oil in the glove and as you sit watching your favorite ball game you can pound you new glove to make the perfect pocket.

The New Soft Toss Trainer bats are perfect for hitting real baseballs off a tee or for soft toss into a net. These bats are balanced similar to a full size bat. Available inthree popular team colors: Black, Red or Royal as well as three sizes for any player. 29", 32" or 34" 

The Heavy Weight On Deck bat is perfect for taking a few swings before getting into the batters box so you can have increased bat speed at the plate.