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Petrified Pro Maple Wood Bat

Our adult model Petrified baseball bats are made with the highest quality maple and ash available. We use a proprietary patented process that creates a very durable bat. Our adult bats come in sizes that range from 29" to 34" with one inch increments in between. The Petrifed models come in several turnings and colors. We have the HNBB H110 which is the Natural Handle with a Black Barrel, the HBBB H271 which is the Black Handle with the Black Barrel, the HGBB H243 which is the Brown Handle with the Black Barrel and the HBBB HSQ29 which is the Black Handle with the Black Barrel, the HGBB which is the Brown Handle with the Black Barrel. All of these models are approved for high school, college and adult use. All are BBCOR approved. All these turnings also come in an all-natural finish with only a clear sealer over the natural wood.

Our bats are finished in two different ways. Some have a gloss finish on the entire bat and some have a matte finish on the handle with a gloss finish on the barrel. You can find our adult model bats at many retail outlets throughout the USA as well as on line. With so many wood bat tournaments being played our Pinnacle Sports models are extremely popular. The durability and performance provides the best value for the dollar in the industry. Each Petrified bat starts with pro grade maple or ash billets and are computer cut on a state of the art machine to precise specifications. Once the bat is cut, sanded and polished it is then given to an expert to put the patented Petrified process to each bat. One bat at a time. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete this highly skilled process. Once the Petrified process is complete then and only then can the bat have the Petrified model number engraved. If your bat say's Petrified you know it is the hardest most dense bat on the market. Our independent laboratory test results prove our Petrified bats are on average 14% harder than any other bat.

Nothing can compare to a Petrified baseball bat.