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From BamBooBat store costumers review

  • Purchased a bat for my son as a Christmas present.  Bamboo bats are becoming much more popular.  About half the HS and College players in the
    area choose bamboo over wood for training now.  I found that BamBooBats have a larger variety of bat options than the traditional metal/composite
    and wood manufacturers.  The price is a little better than the competition.  Was able to find bat colors that matched his team.  The real test came while
    my son used the bat at hitting practice.  The ball comes off the bat very well.  My son really likes the swing weight, balance, and sound.  He is very
    happy with the product.                                             Stephen D (Fri, January 1, 2010 12:18:13 P)

  • Sons took the bat out the first day. Loved the feel of it and the blasts they were hitting definitely made the purchase worthwhile.  Oldest son, 12, plans to
    buy a  few more and use next season instead of his $300 composite bat.  Even ordered a little league size for my younger son.
                                                                          ROBERT L (Tue, August 19, 2008 8:34:30 PM)      

    Model No: SQ29SB Silver/Black Adult (one year warranty BamBooBat)
    Pros: POP for days! My league just switched to wood bats this season. I hit the first HR in the league
    with this bat. hit at a park with a fence. 345 to gap and i cleared it by 20+ feet. and i didnt catch all of
    it. Love this bat! totally worth the extra  
    Rating:                                                              Date: 5/28/2009 10:17:26 AM   By: alklein  

    Pros: such a solid feeling bat. it will never break. the ball flies off the barrel. the best wood bat on the
    Rating:                                                             Date: 6/16/2009 11:42:32 AM   By: big wood

    Model No: HBBW271R Black/White Adult (100 day warranty BamBooBat) (HBBW100D)
    Pros: this is a great bat with a lot of pop, and it is very durable. i've had mine since christmas and
    love it.
    Rating:                                                             Date: 4/26/2009 10:25:12 PM   By: smitty

    Pros: great bat alot of pop, just jumps off the bat
    Rating:                                                            Date: 7/19/2009 2:12:24 PM   By: buch16

    HBBG243R30 Brown/Black Adult  (30 day warranty BamBooBat)
    Pros:  Very sturdy, would have broken a couple of other bats on some of the balls I've made contact
    Rating:                                                            Date: 8/13/2010 5:33:44 PM   By:  i

    Youth  BamBooBat ( click here for more)

    Model No: HNBUY Royal/Natural Youth (100 day warranty BamBooBat)
    Pros: Awesome bat for multi- purpose use (League play, soft toss with league ball, and batting cage).
    They're heavier than metal bats helping to develop & strenghten the ever so important & often
    overlooked forearm muscles en route to a powerful swing. Very little sting on off-center hits. These
    Bamboo bats are like a timex watch, they take a beating & just keep on ticking! Money well spent. No
    regrets. You will not regret having made the investment in a Bamboo bat. Will outlast any other type of
    wood bat hands down. Only downside is, as with any bat, if the weather gets cold & drops under 65
    degrees, it will sting!
    Rating:                                                             Date: 1/10/2009 10:58:32 PM   By: S Rod

    Pros: This bat s awesome it has great pop and has not broke
    Rating:                                                             Date: 5/9/2009 1:55:32 PM  By: Bomber

    Softball  BamBooBat ( click here for more)

    Model No: HNBB34S Black/Natural Slow Pitch (100 day warranty BamBooBat)
    Pros: Great pop. Very well balanced. Solid construction. Great Finish. Just a little expensive...but it is
    VERY well made.
    Rating:                                                Date: 4/18/2009 9:29:03 PM  By: JBIRD

    Pros: excellent bat, lots of pop good feel and weighted just right
    Rating:                                                             Date: 7/6/2009 2:53:45 PM  By: right on     

    Fungo  BamBooBat ( click here for more)

    Model No: HNBR34F Black/Natural Slow Pitch (100 day warranty BamBooBat)
    Pros:  Great bat, feels solid and good in your hands. Best for hitting grounders, still working on flies
    since this bat is a bit heavier then my old Fungo.          
    Rating                                                   Date: 6/8/2010 3:50:10 PM   By: GoMilford

    Pros:  Great fungo, it has lots of pop. I'm replacing an older model, which just cracked after two and
    half seasons. Lots of ball hit with that one hope this one is as good.
    Rating:                                                  Date: 7/20/2010 9:42:58 PM   By: Katsu         

    Model No: HBBB110R Black Adult
    Pros:"I would buy this product again n again". "I have hit a few 380+ bombs with it this year! I would recommend this to a friend.
    Rating:                                                             By long bomb from Albuquerque,NM on 5/11/2010

    Pros: good overall bat. My son likes the bat a lot he plays in a all wooden bat league he says it has good balanes and good pop
    overall he says he would give it a 9 out of 10 for a rating. I would recommend this to a friend
    Rating:                                                            By cake Verified Buyer from Watertown NY on 2/9/2010

    Pros: Great bat, recommend to all. Love bat, great feel, nice sweet spot. I would recommend this to a friend
    Rating:                                                            By Beyer Verified Buyer from Bixby,OK on 12/28/2009
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I have been using a BamBooBat 37" fungo since 2004, when I was a coach with the Baltimore Orioles - I am now a minor league                   
manager for the SF Giants and am buying these 2 fungos for future use - they are the best - far superior to SSK or K100s.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tom T

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