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    “NEW” BamBooBat ENERGIZE II Model

  • Give your swing the power you crave. The “NEW” ENERGIZE bat from BamBooBat Company will help you get that line drive power you look for.

  • With our Patent Pending FUZIONCOR the power this bat offers is second to none in the market today. We are so certain this bat will perform to standards
    unheard of in the wood bat world we are offering a one time replacement for a period of ONE YEAR if you break it. That’s correct,

  • A ONE YEAR WARRANTY ! If you train with wood or play with wood you must buy this bat. The money you save on wood bat purchases during the year will
    be in the hundreds of dollars. You can use this bat for all your hitting needs. Off a tee, with live pitching or in commercial batting cages, this bat will stand
    the test of time and perform to levels you are not accustomed to. We have had players and teams test these models in games and cages for months. They
    were constantly hitting balls off the hands and end of the bat to intentionally try to break them. No one has been able to break one yet. Though we imagine
    they can break, we don’t expect them to. With literally thousands and thousands of hits not one has broken. The average player would never hit as many
    balls with a bat as our test group has. ENERGIZE YOUR GAME !

  • The ENERGIZE is available in eight sizes. Adult – 32”, 33” , 34”; Youth -- 28", 29", 30", 31", 32".

  New 2011 Testimonials From  
  Justbat.Com (
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  • Pros: i love the bat it had alot of pop, it was a little to hard to swing beacuse the weight wasn't well distributed
  • Rating:                                                            Date: 2/1/2011 11:19:38 PM                                             

  • Pros: good bat. used for winter training. did the job well, wished it came with a grip on handle
  • Rating:                                                            Date: 2/22/2011 4:23:23 PM   By:                                                       

  • Pros: This replaces an identical bat that lasted a full season. Great feel and longer lasting than other wood bats I have had.
  • Rating:                                                           Date: 3/6/2011 8:07:24 AM   By:                                                       

  • Pros: Great practice bat 14yr. old has it 100's of ball's with it this winter in the cage and it has held up great. Well balanced and feels good even
  • on  slight miss hits. Haven't been able to hit with it outside yet but seems to have decent pop.
  • Rating:                                                             Date: 3/14/2011 11:16:42 PM   By:                                                     

  • Pros: This bat's weight distribution is its best trait. It just glides through the air. It has a good amount of pop and you'll get a nice, hooking line drive if   you
    hit it right. The durability or this bat is great. The wood is a little soft but it doesn't crack at all. I prefer bamboo bats out of all the different types of wood.
  • Rating:                                                             Date: 4/3/2011 3:33:48 PM   By:  
    BBCOR Certified Bats

  • Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. is the manufacturer of several different models of BBCOR certified baseball bats. We brand models under the Pinnacle
    Sports Equipment brand as well as the BamBooBat brand.
  • Under the Pinnacle Sports Equipment brand we make one line of baseball bats made out of bamboo material that we offer a 30 day warranty on. This
    model comes in adult sizes from 30” through 34”. It comes in a variety of color combinations as well. You can purchase this bat in solid black,
    black/natural or black/brown. This bat is a great bat to use as your batting practice or game bat. It is typically priced at retail for about $49.99. It is
    probably the only bat on the market priced under $50 that you will find gives you a warranty if you break it during the warranty period.
  • The other line that is BBCOR approved is the patented Energize line. There are two types of Energize models. The Energize has an end loaded feel and
    the Energize II has a more balanced feel. Both of these models offer an amazing One Year Warranty against breakage if they are broken within the
    warranty period. With our patented fused bamboo fiber handle and bamboo and wood laminated barrel these bats are high performance bats that offer the
    same type of durability that the most expensive metal or composite bats offer at a substantially lower price. At a retail price of $129.99 this series of bats is
    going to be the dominant bat in the market. When you compare our performance, price and warranty to the competition it will become abundantly clear
    that the Energize series is the smart choice to make. Available in four different color variations you can purchase the Energize in black/white or silver/black
    and the Energize II in solid black or brown/natural.
  • The last series of bats made of bamboo material is our 100 Day Warranty model that is branded under our BamBooBat brand. This series of bats has a
    different mix of bamboo species and offers slightly more durability. At a retail price of $69.99 it is still the best value for the price. This model is available
    in five different color combinations. Solid black, solid natural, natural/black, brown/black and black/white.
  • Each and every size and color bat we offer is now BBCOR approved and listed on the NCAA website for anyone to see. Not listed are our maple and ash
    bats as they don’t need to be listed because they are made of one solid piece of wood. Be sure to try out one of our bats and tell your friends about them
    as well. Once you try one of our bats you will know why we are the leader in the bamboo bat category. We are the Original BamBooBat. Don’t accept less
    than the original. When you want a bat made of bamboo be sure it a Pinnacle Sports Equipment product.

BamBooBat ONE Year Warranty
With Patented Fuzioncor Technology
Quality From The Core
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